One of the most important sense that all human have is the ability to see.  The eye allows us to visual the world around us.  Its importance is profound.  Its also one of the abilities that begin to deteriorate as we get older.  The common age related condition affecting the eye is cataract.  Cataract is caused by alterations in the protein structure of the lens in our eyes.  As proteins form it causes the light to scattering and the lens can no longer transmit a clear picture to the retina where it can be processed and sent to the brain.  Over 40% of adult by the age of 65 have cataract.  Its the most common form of blindness.  Cataract can be treated through surgery.  The success rate of cataract surgery by a eye doctor is dependent on his or her ability to target and remove certain proteins and particulars that block the lens.

With the application of nanotechnology to the eye lens, researchers are experimenting with to target specific intracellular mechanisms within the eye.  This is allowing doctors and researchers to understand the arrangement of proteins on the lens.