Nanotechnlogy Is the study of manipulating and observing matter on an atomic and molecular scale.  It is a process of developing materials, device, equipement that enable medical biologist and doctors to work with cells and moleculars on a nanometer scale.  Nanotechnology enable various fields of science, mostly different fields of biology like molecular biology and organic chemistry to research and see new possibility in medicine.

These scientific developments began in the early 1980s.  Perhaps the most notable invention was the scanning tunneling microscope that started the entire process because it enable researchers to image the surface of particulars on the atomic level.  Never before was the medical field able to see particulars in such detail and to study it at those close levels.

As the science advance, the first commercial application of nanotechnology began in early 2000.   The real life effects of these technology and research is that doctors and scientist are able to reduce the size of everything things to a smaller level. The results will be endless and the benefits are the subject of speculation as the potential can be infinite.