Nanotechnology & LED TV

The Nano LED is a more powerful and efficient LED solution. Besides reducing the optical loss – it is able to recover light leads to less heat built up within the diode. This allows LEDs to be packed closer together.  This also helps increase the lifespan of the light longer. Nano LEDs have a wider range of color temperature.

This technology was used in television display screens.  The technology as  resulted in a new generation of LED TVs. At first LED televisions were not real LED, they were actually LCD TVs with LED back lighting from the sides. Gradually, true LED television panels were produced.

It was nanotechnology, that gave LED television their full array of colors to work behind panels of microscopic light emitted by LEDS.  This allow light to dispersed more evenly giving the displayed picture more definition than ever before.  It also gave the picture better clarity that looked smoother.  With the nano technology, manufactures were able to make thinner television panels that were also lighter.  In due time, this technology will allow us to add lighting to tiny particles.  For example, some scientists have discover a means to install lighting particles into leaves of tress which are able to emit light at night.