Affects of nanotechnology on foods

We have been using nanotechnology to boost the productivity of crops for the last few years to ensure that they grow faster, larger, and last longer.  Most of that technology has been used to in soil in things like fertilizer and growth enhancers.  Now the question is what kind of impact does this have on the animals and humans that feed and eat these foods that were initially affected by the nanotechnology.  To be honest it will probably take researchers years to come up with any real data to analyze the impact.

Nanotechnology & LED TV

The Nano LED is a more powerful and efficient LED solution. Besides reducing the optical loss – it is able to recover light leads to less heat built up within the diode. This allows LEDs to be packed closer together.  This also helps increase the lifespan of the light longer. Nano LEDs have a wider range of color temperature.

This technology was used in television display screens.  The technology as  resulted in a new generation of LED TVs. At first LED televisions were not real LED, they were actually LCD TVs with LED back lighting from the sides. Gradually, true LED television panels were produced.

It was nanotechnology, that gave LED television their full array of colors to work behind panels of microscopic light emitted by LEDS.  This allow light to dispersed more evenly giving the displayed picture more definition than ever before.  It also gave the picture better clarity that looked smoother.  With the nano technology, manufactures were able to make thinner television panels that were also lighter.  In due time, this technology will allow us to add lighting to tiny particles.  For example, some scientists have discover a means to install lighting particles into leaves of tress which are able to emit light at night.


Nanotechnology is an applied science. The most important thing is that Nanotechnology research has continuously made it possible to create new technology using different techniques and tools. Nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize the life of materials used in every sector of our lives. It helps to improve products and production processes with better techniques and new functionality that we only dreamed about in the past. In coming years, you can expect to see major impact in every industrial sectors.  Those major impacts will eventually hit the market place and enter into the consumer markets. That is when the average person like you and I will really see and feel its impact.

Electronic circuits

The United States Department of Energy believe that they have figure out a way to use nano technology to build  electric circuits and chemical sensors by controlling a fabrication technique for drawing chemical patters as small as twenty nanometers.This has allowed researchers to use an atomic force microscope tip as a pen to deposit ink molecules through molecular diffusion onto the surface.  The ability to work with such precision enable researchers to use the tool like a soldering iron which means that more nano size devices can be created.

Future of Medicine

The combination of biology and nanotechnology is exciting.  There is no doubt about it.  Doctors are describing a day where they move from treating symptoms to generating new cures and regerating issues.  Every tissue in your body, from head to your toe can be regenerated someday.  The science will allow us to grow body parts that the human body needs in an outside environment and when needed transferred to the human body.  A spinal cord can be created with stem cells and grown in animal test or control conditions and used when a patient needs a replacement.  The technology has advanced so much that governments are now investing money.  The United States Department of Defense has allocated $20 million dollars to study whole lim generation.  Imagine what that can do to help a solider who has lost a limb in the line of battle.  Imagine the benefits and the reprucussion that will have on our everyday life.